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Forced Air Heating

The Home Wizard app calculates your ideal home care program to avoid problems with your Forced Air Heating, but sometimes trouble can still occur. Here are answers to questions about forced air heating heater turning on frequently.


Hi Wizard, I hope you can help! Our forced air gas heater to comes on every 5 minutes which seems excessive to me, no?? Also, is it normal for the air that blows out to be barely warm, verging on cool? We had the ducts cleaned in fall of '07 and we have been replacing the filters every 2-3 months. The thermostat is always set to 24 degrees celcius but the house is still on the cool side. If I sit in front of the heating duct, I actually get chilly from the breeze it gives off! I know something is wrong! Help! Please!


Dear Lola:

Yes, a forced air gas heater that comes on every 5 minutes is excessive. And yes, the air coming out of the registers should feel warm, not cool.

Here are some things that you can check for the two problems that you are having (which may, or may not, be related):


Check the pilot light to make sure it's lit. You may need to relight it.

Make sure the thermostat is set to "heat".

Check the emergency switch to make sure that it is on.

Check your fuse box to see if any circuit breakers are flipped the wrong way or to make sure a fuse hasn't blown. Reset the circuit breaker or change the fuse if need be.

Make sure the furnace is turned on. Look for the power button.

Reset the blower motor. The motor may have overheated, so wait a few minutes and try resetting it again if the motor does not start up.

Have a professional check to see if the blower is clogged, or if the burner is dirty.

Have a professional check to see that the gas pressure to the furnace is adequate.


Try replacing the filter, especially if it has been 3 months since the last time you replaced the filter

Watch to see if the room temperature is vacillating significantly. This also indicates a thermostat or heat anticipator problem.

Have a professional check to see if the motor and/or blower needs lubrication.

Have a professional check to see if it's a thermostat or furnace problem.

Hope this is helpful.

Forced Air Heating